World Health Organization criticized for extravagant conference discussing e-cigarettes while failing to control Ebola


Both the Daily Mail and the Express newspapers have run this story over the past few days, and both have vilified the WHO for their poor management choices; those of putting e-cigarette regulation above stopping the Ebola pandemic.

The conference mentioned by the newspapers was this years Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) meeting, that is funded by the WHO, was held for one week in Moscow, and was attended by representatives from 175 countries.

Using an image of caviar on ice, the Express wrote, “Of the five hotels assigned to delegates, two boast five-stars including the Government-owned Golden Ring Hotel, self-proclaimed as “one of the most luxurious” in Moscow, and the city’s Crowne Plaza which commands a majestic £1,169-a-day for a suite, though the WHO has secured a small corporate discount.

The Sunday Express can reveal the dinner gala, held last Monday, offered delegates Salmon carpaccio with cucumber tartar, Salmon as the main course, Vitello Tonnato beef with tuna fish sauce, Red caviar, Scallop with white wine sauce, a fish plate of smoked halibut, smoked sturgeon, eel mix; Smoked eel, and Salmon under white syrup with flying fish caviar.”

Phillip Davis MP has quite rightly questioned why Britain was even attending this extravagant event when the USA and Canada boycotted it due to Putin´s behaviour over Ukraine.

The WHO’s FCTC in Moscow was also held behind closed-doors after delegates unceremoniously ejected the public and the press. This was despite the WHO being recently criticised for failing to help countries in West Africa affected by the Ebola crisis. Earlier this month, the WHO were roundly criticised by Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for their lack of action on the ground in battling Ebola.